Download Printable Unique Designs at the Best Price
Download Printable Unique Designs at the Best Price



What is a printable template?

A printable template is a design which can be easily edited thanks to Canva. An online editor that can be used on both desktop and mobile for free. You can edit everything from text, images to the background. Then once you have tweaked the template to your liking you can download it in PNG, JPG, or PDF. You have many formats to choose from. If you have doubts about how it works you can check this page.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

No! Printable templates are digital files that are delivered electronically via instant download links. You will not receive any printed material.

Do you take custom orders or have additional themes?

At present I am not accepting any custom orders - while I would love to be able to help with each request I receive, I just don't have the time

Software Requirements

Do I need any special software?

No, the only thing you will need to do is create a free Canva account, where you will save your designs so you can edit or download them quickly and at any time.

Do your templates work on a MAC computer?

Yes! It is exactly the same as above, you will be able to edit the designs if you are an apple or windows user.

Will they work on an IPad, Iphone, Smart Phone etc?

Of course, you can edit them from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is possible thanks to the Canva application where you can edit the designs in a very easy way and download them in different formats such as PDF, PNG or JPG..

Editing and Personalizing

How I do personalize the templates?

Simply go into Canva and edit the design, you can change everything from the fonts and images to the background. Everything is customizable to your liking!

How do I know which areas of the document I can type in?

Yes, all the design is customizable, you will see that there is text that if you simply click on it you will be able to edit it by changing the size, color or font. You can also delete it, just click on a surface and you will see its settings..

Can I change any of the graphics or colors in your templates?

Yes, the whole design is customizable to your liking, you can change whatever you want.

Do I need to install any fonts?

No, you have all the fonts in Canva, you don't have to download any font, so you will have more comfort. You can also upload your own font if you wish.!

Can I insert a photo into the invitations?

Yes, you can do it in all designs, although there are some designs that are not intended for adding photos, you can do it anyway.

Can I change any of the graphics or colors in your templates?

Yes, the entire design is customizable, you will see that there are different elements that you can adjust, move or delete. Simply click on a surface and you will see its settings.

Printing and Paper

Can I print my file at a larger (poster) size?

Yes, you can do it, in Canva there is a button called "Resize" where you can change the size of the design, however it may look a bit deformed due to the change..

How do I print the templates?

My editable templates are designed to print at home on your color printer. Don't have one? Print them at a copy shop such as Staples, Office Depot/Office Max, Fedex/Kinkos + Officeworks in Australia! Simply personalize and save the files you need printed and put them on a USB flash drive to take to your local copy shop. Some places such as photo labs, Snapfish, Vistaprint etc cannot print my files - see my Printing Tips for more details.

What kind of paper should I use?

Templates are formatted for US Letter sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) but print perfectly on A4 sized paper too. I recommend printing on full-page heavyweight Matte Photo Paper for best results. If that is out of your budget, choose a bright white Cardstock. 110lb (300gsm) weight is ideal for designs such as Invitations. We recommend viewing this page for more information.

How many times can I print the template?

You can print the template as many times as you like as long as it is for your own PERSONAL use.

Can I email out the Invitations?

Yes, you can send them by email or other social network. Simply once you have finished editing your design download it in JPG format and send it to the people you want..

Can I print at a Copy Shop (like Staples)?

Sure can! Thousands of customers have printed their templates at copy shops like Staples, Office Depot/Office Max, Fedex/Kinkos + Officeworks in Australia and they print beautifully. I recommend printing most designs on 110lb (300gsm) card stock. Remember to ask them to set their scaling to "None" (or "Actual Size") when printing. If you wish to print at another printer, please check first to see if they can print files with security settings. Typically, Professional Printers will not be able to print my templates as they don’t accept files with any security settings.

Can I print the Invitations at a photo lab?

No, editable templates PDF files, not JPG or photo files and cannot be printed at a photo lab (or places like Snapfish or Vistaprint).

Cutting and Assembling

How long does it take to assemble?

This really depends on the template you are purchasing & how many guests you are inviting. If you are purchasing a single template such as an Invitation, you could have them all ready to go within 10 minutes! However, if you are purchasing a complete collection that has more than 15-30 templates included, please leave a couple of hours to personalize, print, trim and assemble your templates. Of course, if you have a lot of kids coming to your party your preparation time will also increase!